Different countries have different laws. Each country is free to have their own law according to their own constitution. Just like this pepper spray law, each country has own perception about this law.

Pepper spray is very common nowadays for self defense. But do you know that you can’t use it anywhere or to be specific to any countries? This is because not all countries accept this protective device. Some consider this device as illegal therefore it is not allowed in their territory. However, there are countries that accept the device freely and made a law for it to be legally used. There are some limitations and rules set so that the device will be used for the right thing and with a proper reason. Limitations just like you can’t have this device with you in bars or any establishments. There are also penalties set if someone violated the rules. Such violations have a penalty and the worst penalty set is life imprisonment. This pepper spray is just like gun that is the reason why some countries treat this spray as an illegal device for according to them it can act as an offensive weapon.

Since there are laws set, pepper spray users must abide the law to avoid those unwanted penalties. If it is said that it is not allowed then don’t bring it with you to avoid penalties. If you would go to places that considers the spray as an illegal device then make sure you won’t bring it with you because anything might go wrong if you have it to these places and worst you may get deported. So to avoid having all these problems then just abide the law and follow the rules that were stated. Actually, laws are made so that there is a standard to be followed. This is very important because the device is really not that friendly. If you use that you can affect someone even if you unintentionally use it or you just play the device. Once sprayed to somebody, that person might get irritated, his vision will be affected and that the person gets unconscious. Therefore rules are set so that the device will be used in a proper way and only during times when defense is needed to be implemented.

Pepper spray law is really important and should be followed so that all can have a peaceful and a happy living.