Welcome to Helpful Information For Victims Of Pepper Spray

If you find that you have been sprayed with pepper spray, or any other kind of defense spray, the first thing you are going to need to know is how to get it off of your skin. Proper pepper spray treatment will require several steps to be sure that you have effective, fast pain relief.

Once pepper spray is deployed, it can cause a number of symptoms. If contact is made with your eyes, it can cause them to shut tight, making it almost impossible to try to keep them open because of the incredibly strong burning sensation. Pepper spray is also known for causing a respiratory effect that causes breathing difficulty, along with inflammation of the skin. The respiratory effect can be dangerous for any patient that may suffer from asthma. Because of all of these symptoms, it is important that anyone who has been sprayed with pepper spray is very careful. By the same token, you also need to be careful if you are the one that is using it and deploying it.

Despite what many people may think, simply washing your face using water is only going to offer short term pain relief. Pepper spray contains an oil of oleo-resin capsicum, which does not mix with water. Due to the polar molecules of water and the non-polar molecules of oil, there is an imbalance that makes the pepper spray difficult to remove by washing alone.

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Do Not Touch – When you are sprayed with pepper spray, it is important not to touch the area, as doing so will only spread the spray to other areas and make the burning worse.

Remove Contact Lenses – If you were wearing contact lenses when you were sprayed, it is crucial that you remove them as soon as possible. Try to see if anyone can help, as your hands may already be covered with spray residue.

Use Milk – If you have milk handy, you can use it to help with reducing the sting of the pepper spray. Milk has dairy fat in it, which can help to eliminate the heat producing capability of capsaicin. Simply fill a large bowl with cold, whole milk and soak the area to get relief. If you have a water bottle or spray bottle, you can use that to make it easier.

Blink Fast – In order to tear up quickly, try blinking fast. This will help you to create natural tears to flush out the capcaisinoids that will help reduce dryness and the burning.

Saline Solution – Once the burning sensation starts to die down, saline can help to flush out any of the extra residue. However, it is best to remember that you need to keep blinking even after applying the saline, as this will continue the process of removing the oil from your eyes.

Finally, any victim of pepper spray needs to remember that this is something that can effect you for anywhere from 15 minutes, all the way up to several hours. As long as you follow some of these tips, and try not to rub or touch the affected area, you should be on your way to feeling like yourself again.

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